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Did you know you can edit pictures to create 2×2 or 3×3 or 4×2 tiles in order to group certain links or create a quasi-bigger tile (when using the same link for all tiles). A great way to create visually appealing webmixes, emphasize links or areas as well as for younger students to easily click their way through your resources. Find out how to use Picslice to create bigger tiles on Symbaloo:

First, go to and upload the picture you want to use for your tile project.

Then click on Slice picture, select the number of vertical and horizontal slices according to the number of tiles you want the image to be on. Click the Generate button to create the slice. If the slices are the way you want them to, you can either download all of them in a .zip file or download each slide individually by clicking on them.

The downloaded slices all start with numbers. In this case, Slice 1 is the the top left, Slice 4 is the bottom left.

Go back to Symbaloo and your webmix. You can either start from scratch and create tile after tile or already have the tiles and links in place and just substitute the tiles images. Right click on the tile to access the edit menu and upload Slice 1 for your top left tile. Important: Make sure to remember where you started the image selection in order to have all tiles aligned (for this example, it is the bottom right corner for the first tile on the top row).

Repeat this step for every slice you have and your new quasi-bigger tile is created within minutes.

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