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Crank up your favorite tunes and get the dance party going.

Have you ever wanted to express your creative side and create your own music? What about explore music from different parts of the world in other decades? Or even create your own vinyl record?

This week we’re sharing the best tiles for music. Check out the Top Tiles below and add them to your webmix for later use.

NoteflightTop Tiles Noteflight: Compose your own music! Create, view, print, and hear professional quality music notation right in your web browser. Noteflight is changing the way people create, share, and use written music. You can edit music within the application, display and play back music notation right in your browser, and even publish, embed, or link to your online library.

Top Tiles ChordifyChordify: Find popular songs from the library or upload a song and play it yourself. Chordify turns any music or song (YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, MP3) into chords for free. It automatically recognizes chords from the audio signal, and turns them into music in a simple and intuitive player. Chordify assists both novice and experienced musicians to play the music they want to play.

Top Tiles Vinylify

Vinylify: With Vinylify, make a personal vinyl record with digital music from your playlist or choose from the provided library of music. Customize the album with all your favorite music, and even personalize your own album cover. Instead of listening to old, cracking vinyls, why not create your own with the songs you love?!

WhatSongTop Tiles WhatSong: Have you ever heard a song in a movie, TV show, or game and wanted to know the name of it? With a database of over 1,200 movies, 15,000 artists and 30,000 songs, chances are that you’ll find the song you’re looking on WhatSong. Listen to soundtracks and the complete lists of full-length songs from the latest movies and TV shows

Top Tiles Radiooooo Ever wondered what music they listened to in Congo in the 1950s? To begin, pick a country anywhere on the map and then choose a decade. Next you’ll choose the pace of the music you’d like to listen to (slow, fast, or weird). You can also create a trip playlist by selecting different destinations and decades. When you like a song, you can save the song information in your profile for later reference. You can also upload your own music and share it with the world!

For more resources on music, please add our music webmix to your account. If you have other great suggestions that we are missing out on, comment below or contact us on social media.

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