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In a time where technological advances are happening at an increased pace, it’s not only important for people to know how to use technology, but also how to program it. Our world is connected through technology and we should be able to know how to utilize it in every way.

With this new mindset technological innovations, coding has recently become more popular in K-12 education. Find out the top 4 reasons we believe kids should learn to code.

1. Coding Releases Creativity

Another important reason kids should learn¬†to code is that it increases confidence and releases creativity, providing skills and endless¬†opportunities. Just like art, coding releases creativity. There are many fun ways to learn how to code, such as Scratch or Tynker, where it doesn’t feel like a typical classroom setting, but rather an engaging and fun lesson.

Learning to code empowers kids to do some of the following: control robots and machines, get a computer to solve complicated things, bring ideas to life through coding, and share their ideas with the world.

2. New Age Literacy

Coding is basic literacy of the 21st century. Kids these days are growing up in a very digital age where most toys are digital and even some can be programed.

Kids go from just interacting with a game or toy, to understanding and creating technology and expressing themselves in different ways. Aside from knowing how to code and using critical thinking, this knowledge will open up many job opportunities in the future.

3. Problem Solving

As mentioned above, coding helps kids develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Coding teaches kids to take a step back and see the bigger picture, helping them to take the big issue at hand and break it up into smaller, more attainable tasks.

Other than just having the professional job qualifications, this critical thinking skill that is acquired when learning to code is applicable in life when faced with difficult challenges in their lives.

4. It’s Easy!

Just like learning a language, learning to code is best done young. There are games and apps that are visual tools for learning to code, helping to facilitate problem solving through coding.

If a student codes for an item to move a certain direction or an action to be taken and then sees the correct result they coded for immediately, they they know they created the code correctly. Having immediate, positive feedback is great for learning!

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