5 Ways to Improve Your Webmix

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Do you want your webmix to be more clear and organized? Some users simply wonder where to begin when organizing their tiles. Here are a few tips on how to create an aesthetic webmix:

1) A Background Image
Whether you choose a solid color or an actual image, adding a background to your webmix can help your webmix stick out. If you do choose to upload an image, make sure that the dimensions or the photo are at least 1600×1200.

5 ways to improve your webmix

2) Images vs. Icons
Sometimes, it gets tempting to keep the image that the tile comes with when first entering the link to create a tile. However, these images may not be the best way to convey what the tile is linking to. Look through our icon database, you may find a better option.

5 ways to improve your webmix

3) Tile Color and Titles
If you chose to have an image for your tile, you may not be able to see the tile color. But if you chose an icon, you most certainly will be able to utilize the tile coloring. This way, you can organize different subjects or websites by tile color. You also may want the title to show if you have several repeating icons.

4) Using the Marking Tool
The marking tool is a great way to make tiles stick out. Drag it over the tiles you have organized by color, and it will appear with the same color. Make sure to name the group as well. The name will appear when you hover your mouse over the group.

5 ways to improve your webmix

5) Using Group Tiles
The group tile can help you if you have a lot of very similar tiles that are taking up space in your webmix. Drag a tile over another to create a group. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of grade specific tiles (ex: 1st grade resources) or resources specific tiles (ex: math resources).

5 ways to improve your webmix

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