44 Best Education Podcasts in 2021

Podcasts are the perfect ear candy for walking, hanging out in your classroom while prepping for the day or the next week, or even your drive to and from work. Whether you’re looking for more professional development or just a sympathetic voice from people who “get” your day-to-day life in the trenches, podcasts can be a great fit. In this post, we’ve put together an extensive list of the best education podcasts around today.

In our list, you’ll find podcasts that are content-specific, some that are great to use with students, and others that are just for you as an educator or administrator. Save this list on Symbaloo or follow the Education Webspace for later reference. Happy listening!

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Teacher Podcasts

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast - Teacher Podcasts

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Podcast host Jennifer Gonzalez covers nearly everything that has anything to do with education. She does interviews with educators, administrators, students, and families, but she also does shows independently. This is a tremendous all-around podcast if you’re just entering the education podcast universe! Bonus: her blog is also fantastic, and “it’s not actually a cult.” 

Empowering Educators Podcast - Teacher Podcasts

Empowering Educators Podcast

Teaching can sometimes be overwhelming, difficult, and disenchanting. Gretchen Bridgers brings her “A” game each week in her uplifting podcast. She focuses on inspiration and (you guessed it) empowerment, but there are also lots of tips and professional development ideas.

The Creative Classroom - Teacher Podcasts

The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

John Spencer began this podcast in February 2021, so the episode list is still growing. John is a former journalist whose second career was as a middle school educator. He currently teaches in higher education and his podcast covers topics like PBL, assessing creativity, classroom jobs, and social-emotional learning.

Teaching Keating - Teacher Podcasts

Teaching Keating

This podcast is so much fun! Wes and Molly are the podcasters, and they use television shows and movies as their springboards for investigating the ins and outs of teaching and education. They don’t restrict their exploration to the movies or shows typically thought of as education-related. They cover classics like The Sound of Music, hits like Jurassic Park, and television shows like SNL. They even talk about Dude Perfect. It’s a great, highly relatable podcast.

The Burned-In Teacher - Teacher Podcasts

The Burned-In Teacher

If you’ve ever faced burnout (and whom among us hasn’t?), this may be the podcast for you. Amber Harper explores burnout among educators and shares interviews and information about things like productivity, joy, and basically how to be a human again. She shares personal stories and invites listeners to share their experiences and ask questions. Among some of her favorite guests are teachers who’ve survived burn-out and are now thriving again.

Teach, Create, Motivate - Teacher Podcasts

Teach, Create, Motivate Podcast: Motivational Tips & Tricks for Teachers

Here’s a podcast for our elementary educators, specifically designed for grades 2-5. The host, Ashley Mendez, focuses on classroom ideas, student and teacher motivation, classroom management, and student engagement. She also talks about teacher self-care and interviews colleagues. This is a small collection of episodes – only 14 so far – but there are some great topics included!

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast

Betsy Potash is the education blogger, curriculum guru, and podcaster for this one. She is the go-to pro for all things ELAR for middle and high schoolers, and she also includes information on tech, teacher morale, and helpful tips. She does indeed spark creativity, but she also offers a lot that’s “ready to use instantly.” You don’t even have to add water!

Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast

Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast

This one’s for you, elementary teachers! Podcast host Jamie Sears focuses mainly on topics for grades 2-5, although there are episodes applicable for everyone in education. She generally focuses on writing and ELAR, math, and preparing for those standardized tests. There’s a lot of good information for hands-on work with students and classroom management!

The Wired Educator Podcast - Teacher Podcasts

The Wired Educator Podcast

Kelly Croy’s mission in life is to make the lives of students, teachers, and administrators better. He covers topics like building a website, passive income, and how you can make money on things you’re already creating for your classroom. Other episodes discuss things like how to make homework more meaningful, video games as esports, and working with students of all socioeconomic statuses.

Truth for Teachers Podcast

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers Podcast

Angela Watson is not afraid to tell things as she sees them. She talks about everything from dealing with the emotional and physical burdens of education to the practical time management and behavioral issues that some teachers and podcasters shy away from. She even talks about the truths of quitting education and finding a new career path. She’s refreshingly honest about family priorities, health, and education

Crying In My Car: A Podcast for Teachers

Crying In My Car: A Podcast for Teachers

Devin Siebold taught for ten years before launching his comedy career. You may know him from some of his silly antics on YouTube. He and co-host Mike Lee interview other teachers and give some light-hearted commentary on the ins and outs of education. Every podcast is labeled “Tears of…”, and some of the great topics include open house, Halloween, and stress eating. If you need a laugh as you cry in your car (as most of us have), this is the one for you.

Teach Me, Teacher - Teacher Podcasts

Teach Me, Teacher

As a former literacy coach, curriculum writer, and current 7th grade English teacher, Jacob Chastain has a unique perspective to share in his podcast “Teach Me, Teacher”. He favors episodes on race, equity, being a man in education, the digital revolution, and what being a literacy coach was really like. This podcast is a wellspring of information with over 200 episodes.

Google Teacher Podcast

Google Teacher Podcast

As you might imagine, this podcast is all things Google for educators and the classroom. There are so many great tools in this series. Co-Hosts Mike Miller and Kasey Bell collaborate to bring practical ideas and advice for using the many tools Google offers. Each host has their own podcast, too: Mike Miller is from “Ditch That Textbook” and Kasey Bell is from “Shake Up Learning”. 

The Brian Mendler Show - Teacher Podcasts

The Brian Mendler Show

This is a relatively new podcast, although Brian Mendler is no newbie to the school scene. He’s a motivational speaker, author, and all-around education guru. In his podcast, he interviews teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals with stories that will change your perspective on education and bring you to a new understanding of how impactful one educator can be.

The Shake Up Learning Show - Teacher Podcasts

The Shake Up Learning Show

Do your lesson plans need a makeover? Do you want to get some professional development credit for listening to all these podcasts? The Shake Up Learning Show with Kasey Bell is the podcast for you. She covers all this and a whole lot more. Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher who loves helping teachers integrate tech into the classroom in meaningful ways.

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Award-winning teacher, blogger, and podcast host Vicki Davis says on her website that she has “lots of friends,” and she interviews them all on her podcast! Vicki and her friends put out five new shows each week that range in topics from EdTech coaching to student leadership and distance education. They discuss everything from trauma-informed teaching to practical tips for daily routines.

Heinemann Podcast - Teacher Podcasts

Heinemann Podcast

Heinemann is a publishing company that supplies professional development and educational materials to teachers around the world. It’s a professionally produced podcast with a few rotating hosts, and they interview educators from around the world with expertise in a large range of specialties. It’s a more formal podcast with a polished, expert feel. They tackle more global issues because of their extensive reach.

Teachers Need Teachers - Teacher Podcasts

Teachers Need Teachers

Most podcasts for teachers focus on the classroom, and while Kim Lepre approaches and covers those topics as well, many episodes are more practical and applicable outside the classroom. Kim covers resume writing, Donors Choose funding, interviewing, dealing with the specific challenges of being a new SPED teacher, and surviving student loan debt as an educator.

EdTech Podcasts

The Ditch That Textbook Podcast - EdTech Podcasts

The Ditch That Textbook Podcast: Education, Teaching, EdTech

Matt Miller wants to help teachers move beyond the textbook and curriculum and inspire teachers to be creative, innovate, and use tech widely. He’s a former newspaper reporter who’s also spent more than a decade in the classroom. The podcast includes reviews on books, popular music and trends to teach, and best creative practices.

Easy EdTech Podcast

Easy EdTech Podcast

Dr. Monica Burns, who also writes the blog “Class Tech Tips,” has episodes on using TikTok, ways to make your brain breaks more meaningful, SEL using tech, and practical tips on everyday classroom tech solutions. A great place to start is her 100th episode, where she shares top tips from the previous 99.

Educational Duct Tape - EdTech Podcasts

Educational Duct Tape

Host Jake Miller has been covering all the edtech tools we’ve come to use since long before the pandemic. He also interviews many other podcast hosts (many of whom are also mentioned in our list) and educators. The episodes cover assessments, learning in all classrooms (including fine arts and other classes that often get excluded), and more pedagogy and edtech than you could imagine.

House of #EdTech - EdTech Podcasts

House of #EdTech

This podcast may be similar in content, but it’s unique in that it shares stories, lessons, tips, and tools from educators all over. Christopher J. Nesi has worked with educators of every level. His episodes include collaboration with librarians and other support staff, digital escape rooms, digital citizenship, grant-writing for edtech, classroom management, and syncing digital and physical learning spaces.

Professional Development Podcasts

EdSurge Podcast - Professional Development Podcasts

EdSurge Podcast

EdSurge is a well-recognized education icon with far-reaching resources. This podcast features interviews with leaders in education like Sol Khan of Khan Academy, and episodes on whole brain teaching from experts who live it day-to-day. They even have episodes focused on the world of podcasting from the inside out. It’s definitely worth a follow and a listen.

Overthrowing Education - Professional Development Podcasts

Overthrowing Education

This podcast is so unique! They describe themselves as edgy and entertaining, but they are also serious about “the revolutionary changes that are happening” in education. Episodes include conversations about why education should not be “transaction-based,” how to move students “from renters to buyers,” and dealing with grief. There are also episodes on how to go gradeless and how to use game-based learning.

MindShift - Professional Development Podcasts

MindShift Podcast

MindShift is one of the major educational and professional development hubs, and their podcast is an amazing compilation of interviews and information. Episodes range from overparenting and puberty to how to help students who are returning to school after dropping out. There are inspirational stories about schools that changed their strategies and met unprecedented success, and so much more.

The Teacher Career Coach Podcast - Professional Development Podcasts

The Teacher Career Coach Podcast

Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you’re considering a career change, thinking of a second career after early retirement, or just curious about how to make your current career your happiest of happy places, this podcast is for you. Host Daphne Williams interviews people who have taken the plunge and have found the water just fine.

Administrator Podcasts

Better Leaders Better Schools - Administrator Podcasts

Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Warning: this podcast is only for “ruckus makers in education”! Administrators are in a pivotal position in education reformation. This podcast is a great place to start when it comes to getting ideas about moving forward. Daniel Bauer is the host who shares book reviews, talks about deep and joyful learning, discusses designing and creating inclusive spaces, and a whole lot more. 

Reimagine Schools - Administrator Podcasts

Reimagine Schools

Host Greg Goins leads this podcast that focuses on leadership development, innovation, and reformation in public schools. He interviews experts like Ted Fujimoto, who designed one of the most innovative early childhood schools in the world. Goins talks about PBL, PD, and ideas like gradeless classrooms. Administrators will appreciate this excellent podcast.

ASCD Radio - Administrator Podcasts

ASCD Radio

The ASCD is one of the leading associations in education. They specialize in supervision and curriculum development. As such, the episodes are highly professional and cover a variety of professional development topics. Episodes include preparing for next year, teacher safety training, strengths of immigrant students, and quite a bit on deep learning of core academic content.

History Podcasts

Stuff You Missed In History Class - History Podcasts

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey host this ear-opening podcast filled with interesting facts from history. There are so many fascinating stories to hear. These podcasts are great for older students in history, social studies, and English classes. Be sure to listen to the episode you’re hoping to use before sharing it with students.

Ridiculous History - History Podcasts

Ridiculous History

Have you ever wondered why Americans don’t use bidets? Or who solves murders in Antarctica? Did you know that Vikings once made a killing selling Unicorn dust? Ridiculous History will fill your brain with facts and stories you’d never expect, from all corners of the world. It’s a great listen!

Our Fake History - History Podcasts

Our Fake History

This podcast is like the Snopes of the history world. Hosts Sebastian Major and Beth Lorimer investigate to separate myths and tall tales from true history. There are some funny episodes! There are also many episodes useful for the classroom in various subject areas. From answering questions like, “Who Built the Pyramids?” to “What is America’s Weirdest Secret Society?”, students and teachers alike will get a kick out of this podcast.

ELA Podcasts

The History of English Podcast - ELA Podcasts

The History of English Podcast

The host for this podcast is a bit unexpected. Kevin Stroud is an attorney who also happens to have an extensive hobby in exploring linguistics related to the history of English. He explores English from various viewpoints in history and takes a broader look at language in general now and again. It’s a fascinating podcast!

Grammar Girl - ELA Podcasts

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Whether you (or your students) are interested in grammar, linguistics, or general English information or not, chances are pretty good you’ll love Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl podcast. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it’s filled with information without being stuffy or overbearing. You’ll be perfectly … “whelmed” (as opposed to under or over – from the episode titled “Why Aren’t We Whelmed?”)

Teachng Middle School ELA - ELA Podcasts

Teaching Middle School ELA

Whereas the other English content podcasts are general to the language, this one is particular in its approach and includes pedagogy and middle school language arts as well as language information. Oh, and did we mention there’s even an episode called “Things ‘The Bachelor’ Can Teach You About Creating Engaging Lessons”? So there are some culturally relevant things as well.

Math Podcasts

Breaking Math - Math Podcasts

Breaking Math Podcast

With the goal of making “math accessible for everyone,” this podcast covers it all. There are episodes on group theory, physics, probability and statistics, calculus, vestigial math, and just about everything you can imagine! If you have 45 or so minutes to spare, you’re almost guaranteed to learn something new.

Teaching Math Teaching Podcast - Math Podcasts

Teaching Math Teaching Podcast

College-level educators who teach math instruction to future teachers will find this useful, although there is some content for high school math educators. There are discussions on technology, data science, advanced mathematics, and pedagogy. Of course, there is also discussion on all things related to advanced mathematics as well.

Math Ed Podcast - Math Podcasts

Math Ed Podcast

This podcast explores math research and relates the findings to math education, which is an excellent help to anyone in teaching mathematics. The episodes are inclusive of all levels of math education, so you’ll find information on preschool pedagogy up through the college level. This podcast started in 2012, and there are over 2,000 episodes, so whatever your interest in math education, there’s likely to be an episode for you!

Science Podcasts

StarTalk Radio - Science Podcasts

StarTalk Radio

StartTalk’s host is unlikely to need any introduction. Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been teaching us about the stars, planets, and the universe around us for quite a while. In this podcast, other prominent scientists join him to discuss everything from stargazing to cosmic volcanoes. From time to time, he and his guests even talk about things more local, as in things related to Earth.

Brains On! - Science Podcasts

Brains On! Science podcast for kids

Molly Bloom is the host for Brains On! She’s joined weekly by a kid co-host, and they explore all of life’s most burning questions. The episodes explore things like emotions, bees, color, health concerns and issues, and one of the most universally beloved topics of every child on the planet: poop.

Nature Podcast - Science Podcasts

Nature Podcast

This podcast explores the big questions in science today. Researchers and scientists appear on the show to share current information and talk about how it relates to current events and everyday life. This podcast is for students who are older as well as educators themselves.

Science Magazine Podcast - Science Podcasts

Science Magazine Podcast

Science Magazine is the world’s leading scientific research publication, and the episodes from the podcast cover many of the same types of fascinating finds. Host Sarah Crespi talks with scientists from around the globe about things like how many t-rex existed, arctic sea ice, and diversity in science circles. There are book reviews, news stories, and many interesting conversations.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids - Science Podcasts

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

This is another excellent science podcast for kids! Lindsay Patterson (a science journalist) and Marshall Escamilla (teacher) join forces to host this one. They cover dinosaurs, the path to becoming an astronaut, scientific discoveries, scientists, lots of animals, and space. Most importantly… yes. They also talk about poop.

Science Vs - Science Podcasts

Science Vs

In each episode, the hosts explore current news and issues to separate the truth from not-so-true. They discuss Yellowstone, meat grown in labs, data on police violence, heartbreak, transgender identities, and the occasional alien. If you want the scoop on either side of the topic, Science Vs is the show for you.

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