Commenting as a Way of Collaborating on Webmixes

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Did you know that you can comment on your peers and colleagues webmixes? Many users are hoping to be able to live edit webmixes with another user, but that feature is not yet available with our current version of Symbaloo. Team Symbaloo suggests commenting and sharing webmixes to keep the discussion going on what can make your webmix even better!

First, make sure your webmix has been shared.

Then, grab the link of your webmix, and you can send it to your peers to get their opinion.

Your account will notify you if someone has made a comment on your webmix, and you can look at the comments from within your Symbaloo account.

We hope this is helpful in the interim while you are trying to collaborate on your webmixes! Share your webmixes over your social media sites and encourage others to comment with ideas for tiles or organization methods! Make sure to check us out next week when we show you how to copy and share a single tile.

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