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Symbaloo Learning Paths continues to become easier, more intuitive, & less time consuming!

This is the biggest update to Symbaloo Learning Paths since its launch. Creating a custom, digital learning path just became much more intuitive. New resource suggestions appear when creating tiles, decreasing the time when making a digital path.

Our goal is to make Symbaloo Learning Paths the number one platform for creating digital learning paths for your students. Check out the new features below!

Creating a Digital Learning Path

We tested our platform with our Symbaloo ambassadors to see how we can improve it. The most feedback we received was regarding the extended length of time that it took to create a path, and that the sidebar was confusing. So we changed it a bit to make it easier to create.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see a button in your dashboard that says “Create a Lesson Plan.” After you’ve clicked the button, a pop-up will appear where you can identify the topic of¬†your digital learning path.

Digital Learning Path Subject Content

As you begin¬†typing in the subject of your¬†path, a list of related topics will automatically generate below. Select the topic that is closely related to what you’ve typed, and Symbaloo Learning Paths will help you find the resources you need, or you can use¬†your own.

This new feature will make it a lot easier when starting a path from scratch. The topic is used to help you find the perfect resources for your digital learning path using the new quick add feature.

Building the Digital Learning Path

After you’ve identified the topic of your learning path, you’ll be taken to an empty grid to start building your¬†path; click on an empty tile to begin. A popup will appear with content suggestions based on the topic you chose earlier.

The quick add feature helps you create tiles containing digital resources, tiles from your Symbaloo webmixes, or favorite tiles from other paths, in just one click!

We believe that this quick add feature will help you save a lot of time when creating digital learning paths for your students.

Uploading Your Own Content

If¬†the suggested content is not what you’re looking for, you can fill the tile using your own content by uploading documents, images, creating questions, etc, or search for a tile from your webmixes.

Context Menu

You have full control over a created tile with the new context menu underneath the grid!

A user can select a tile and use the context menu to edit, move or delete the tile, remove the connections made to the tile, or add the tile to their favorites.

Minor Upcoming Changes
  1. You can access Frequently Asked Questions from the top, right corner of the screen to help you master the Symbaloo Learning Path platform.
  2. When users change the theme of the path they are working on, the appearance of the editor will change as well.
  3. Sharing an assignment and publishing a learning path to the Marketplace is now easier and more intuitive.

Have you created a digital learning path for your students? Share it with us on social media and it could be featured on Symbaloo Learning Path of the Week!

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