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Did you know you can edit the embed code to have your webmix fit in a column of your blog or the width of your website? Scroll down to find out how.

First, you have to share your webmix. It doesn’t matter if you share it publicly or with friends, it always generates an embed code. Click on the Share button in the top center to access the share menu and then on the ‘Share My Webmix’ button to create a URL as well as an iframe embed code.

Note: If you already have shared your webmix, simply click on the Share button and then Webmix Details to access the menu above. You will find the URL and the embed code there.

Click on Embedding Code and select the entire code to copy.

Go to your Content Management System and paste the content into the HTML code of your page or post. Now you can resize the pixel size of the width and height of your embedded webmix:

Done. Your webmix is embedded. You can adjust the size at any time.

You can scroll left and right to access all of the tiles of your webmix.

Tip: If you are using WordPress.org, you can also get the Symbaloo Embedder plugin

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