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Find events in your area during December 2015!

12/12/15: Computer Science in Elementary Workshops, MN

Angie will be leading workshops on computer science in k-5 classrooms. She will show how Symbaloo is a great tool for schools to connect students to their teacher class in

12/09/15: Tech Scoops, TX

Melanie is presenting on behalf of Symbaloo at her School!

12/09/15: Learning Symbaloo, MO

Alene is presenting on behalf of Symbaloo at her School!

12/08/15 – 12/09/15: LACUE 2015 Conference, LA

Alicia will be Presenting on Wednesday, December 9th from 12:00 Р1:30. Her presentation is as follows: Learn how to make the most out of using Symbaloo in the classroom, from creating a basic webmix to using Symbaloo to create an interactive lesson plan.

12/08/15: IU13 Elementary Technology Conference, PA

Matthew is participating in an elementary technology conference where he will present about the ways Symbaloo has influenced his classroom. The session will focus on features of Symbaloo and each member creating their own account.

12/05/15 Р12/06/15: Rosemere, QC

SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits РRosemere, QC!

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