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02/29/16: Primary Grade Instructional Day, MN

This will be for first and second grade teachers to begin finding apps to use with their students and using Symbaloo as a way to organize them for their students to be independent in their learning. It is an extension from work done at the Kindergarten Centers in Susan’s¬†district.

02/29/16: Symbaloo Training and Introduction, NJ

Casey will be holding at least 2 training sessions on Symbaloo within the next 3 months. Her district has begun to slowly use Symbaloo on their websites and she is introducing this tool to new teachers.

02/27/16: EdCamp VIP, TX

Beverly is presenting upon Symbaloos behalf at EdCamp VIP in Texas!

02/26/16 Р02/27/16: Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference, OH

Heidi is featuring Symbaloo as a tool and using a webmix for teachers to access materials during the presentation.

02/24/16 Р02/26/16 : Thrive 1 PLC, GA

This session will revisit Symbaloo and Cynthia will be using Symbaloo to present her links from and will share the webmix with all the participants. She is creating a webmix of links to free resources that will benefit teachers.

02/23/16: Becoming a JPS Tech Savvy Teacher Level 1, MS

Sylvia will be introducing teachers to Symbaloo in the context of them using it for research projects and portfolio presentations.

02/17/16: Professional Development, FL

This event will be a how-to session for teaching new users the basic steps of Symabloo for Lake County School teachers, and it will also feature a genius bar where teachers can ask questions from Symbaloo gurus about taking their ideas to the next level. David is an Innovative Learning Specialist (ILS) that trains teachers how to integrate technology into their classrooms.

02/15/16: Digital Learning Conference, NC

Travis is a Digital Learning Coach for Johnston County Schools and will be using Symbaloo as part of his presentation on Project Based Learning for the school system. As a part of this session, he encourages teachers to utilize Symbaloo within their classroom environment.

02/06/16 Р02/07/16: Roseville, CA

SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits – Roseville, CA

02/06/16 Р02/07/16: Kansas City, MO

SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits – Kansas City, MO

02/03/16: TCEA 2016, TX

Michelle Leggett and Tangila Webb will be conducting a 3 hour hands on workshop to get educators into and more comfortable with all the features of Symbaloo.

02/01/16: TCEA 2016, TX

Emily and her colleague Pam will be presenting Symbaloo at TCEA 2016!

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