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9/26/15 Р09/27/15: Bakersfield, CA
SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits РBakersfield, CA!

9/19/15 Р09/20/15: Chico, CA
SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits РChico, CA!

9/19/15 – 09/20/15: Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

SymbalooEDU is a proud sponsor of GAFE Summits РHong Kong!

9/16/15: Wednesday Workshop, OK

Julie is teaching teachers about Symbaloo and how it will make their students more efficient and help them learn content.

09/14/16: Social Studies Chromebook Training Part 3, TX

Becky¬†will teach and use Symbaloo with all teachers to share and collect great online resources along the way to building lesson plans for Social Studies in their¬†district. it will be part of the 3rd training for all of the¬†Social Studies teachers in Becky’s¬†district. They will be teaching without textbooks for the first time next year and will be using Chromebooks and online resources only.

09/09/16: Dallastown Area School District Professional Development, PA

This will be Stephanie’s¬†second event with Dallastown. She¬†will be presenting on Symbaloo and having teachers create, publish and share their webmixes with each other.

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