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Every Teacher is a Symbaloo PRO

Do you know where the word Symbaloo comes from? It’s derived from an old Greek word meaning collecting and gathering. As a teacher, it’s something you may do everyday. Collecting the best resources to support your instruction and delivering them to your students. We know that your role in the classroom is a pivotal one, so we believe that every teacher is a Symbaloo PRO.

Collaborate with Co-Creators

This Summer we are helping you to work better together. With the introduction of Co-Creators on your Symbaloo PRO+ account, you can invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on webmixes simultaneously as you would on Google Docs. In offering such a feature we hope to transform the traditional practices of education by taking teaching/learning beyond walls, buildings and even schools.

Education is moving into the digital space. That changes the role of a teacher in the classroom and can sometimes be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. We want to assure you that your position is fundamental to education. You are the hero of the classroom!

We are here to support you not only with your technical needs but also with personalizing the way you manage your classroom. Learning analytics will help you to determine the best resources for your individual students. Best of all,l we are now offering Symbaloo PRO+ to all teachers for free for 3 months. Why? Because every teacher is a PRO!

Symbaloo PRO+

What do you get with this new Symbaloo PRO+? All of the features that are in the current PRO version plus all of the new features listed below:

  • Collaborate – Work at the same time, together on a webmix
  • Learning Path integration – Access your learnings paths directly in your control panel
  • Link to a webmix – add a tile that links to another webmix in your PRO account

What’s Next

You can upgrade your account by signing up here. Enjoy all of the great features mentioned above and ad free for 3 months. In October you can continue using your Symbaloo PRO and opt to have ads to keep your account free or select from one of the new pricing options here.

Start using Symbaloo PRO+ now and lay the foundation for the digital age at your school.

Any questions? Feedback?