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An Introduction, from the Team at FeedbackFruits

As dedicated (former) students and teachers, we at FeedbackFruits believe that schools play a crucial role in a student’s evolution into an informed, confident, and productive citizen. It has been proven, time and time again that keeping a student engaged in learning can lead to the most positive outcomes.

For those teaching online, encouraging engagement from students that are not physically present has been a big challenge. Our FeedbackFruits suite of tools is designed to overcome this obstacle. With integrated practice questions, discussions, and feedback, our tools are built to help students actively engage with their learning.

We want students and teachers to focus on what’s important: their education. With this in mind, all our tools have a similar, intuitive user interface. With minimal effort, you and your students can start applying these tools in your courses.

FeedbackFruit Partners

Since its founding in 2012, FeedbackFruits has been at the forefront of innovation in Dutch higher education. We maintain strong ties with our founding partner, Delft University of Technology, one of the most respected technical universities in the world. We work together with most of the top universities and universities of applied science in the Netherlands, such as the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, and the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University.

We are now expanding internationally, with a pilot program planned for Summer 2018 at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. We are also expanding to the United States, with pilot programs at MIT and Harvard Extension School planned to take place during the same Summer season. We hope that you too will join us on our mission of innovating education by using our tools through Symbaloo.

Enrich Your Webmixes on Symbaloo

FeedbackFruits integrates with Symbaloo  to bring powerful classroom tools to your webmixes. Add interactive teaching materials, set constructive feedback criteria, and more! Take a look at the tools below to see how FeedbackFruits can help you increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Peer Feedback

Engage students in immersive discussions and enhance learning outcomes with Peer Feedback. You specify the criteria students use to give feedback to their peers, offering them the structure they need to give constructive feedback.

Interactive Documents

Embed questions and discussion topics to increase student engagement with their homework. Initiating the discussion before class means students will be better prepared to deepen their understanding of the material during class. The built-in analytics provide you with a clearer understanding of the topics that need more attention.

Interactive Presentations

Foster interaction during presentations with live questions. These questions can be easily added to your existing slides, so you don’t need to start from scratch. Built-in analytics also give you instant insight into which topics your students are finding most difficult.

Interactive Video

Embed questions and discussion topics in videos to increase student engagement. You can either upload a video or enter a link to any public online video. Again, built-in analytics can give you hints about which topics may need more attention during class.

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