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Innovation is the key to our future.

We are a culture fascinated by new ideas and improvements.  Innovation has always been intertwined within history- from the discovery of electricity to aircrafts blasting off in to space to virtual reality films. Without these innovations, we wouldn’t have nearly half as many things as we have today, such as the iPhone *gasp* or even cures to diseases.

Continually changing and advancing, technology and innovation have changed the way we live. Below you’ll find 5 #TopTiles that’ll keep you up to date on the latest technological innovations and even a few to inspire your innovative side.

Futurism: “Our mission is to empower our readers and drive the development of these transformative technologies towards maximizing human potential.” Futurism covers innovative technologies shaping humanities future through articles and infographics.

Treehouse: Start a business, build an app, learn to code, and even create your own website! Treehouse wants to help you achieve your dreams and change the world through inspiring your innovative side through technology education.

Engadget: Covering cutting edge gadgets and the technology that enables them, Engadget goes above and beyond, and explores the ways in which they impact our lives. Engadget is a web magazine, posting blogs daily on gear, gaming, culture, entertainment, and more.

TED-Ed: Passionate for youth and education, TED-Ed supports learning through animated videos, providing international platforms for teachers to create their own lessons, and help curious students bring TED to their schools to fulfill their brains with knowledge. “TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world.”

New Scientist: New Scientist publishes articles on the latest news, ideas, and opinions on all matters relating to technology, science, and influential figures making an impact. With a widely read website and influential weekly magazine, New Scientist seeks to explore and uncover the latest developments and discoveries in science and technology.

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