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Did you know that the Symbaloo iPhone app has been updated? Here you find out what’s new: The Symbaloo iPhone app has over 100,000 downloads and a rating of 4.5 stars. We’re releasing a new iPhone app to aim for 5 stars ratings! Download or update the app today and let us know what you think!

☞ New look: The app is cleaner and sleaker

☞ Better use of the screen – More usability

The Symbaloo development & design team ensured that there is only one menu bar at the bottom of the app so you will no longer find the top bar. There is more space between your tiles to help you click on the tiles with ease.

☞ New colors for your favorite tiles
On your new Symbaloo app, you can now choose from 12 different colors for your tiles.

☞ New wallpapers
We have added some new backgrounds that fit well with the style of the app. The former are now no longer available. If you love your current wallpaper then we recommend not to change it. If you are you ready for something new, then have a look at the new wallpapers.

☞ Sorting your tiles

This feature is not new, but many people don’t know about this.  Shake your iPhone, and note that the tiles  ”vibrate”. You can then change their position. This can actually also be activated without shaking, click the menu icon (arrow) and then sort your tiles.

iPad version

Symbaloo does not have an iPad app, and we’re not going to make one. The reason is that we want you work with your favorite browser on your tablet. We think it’s important that we create something that will work with all tablet browsers and therefore Symbaloo optimized the version for these browsers. It works out well with our current users. Previously, you could also install the Symbaloo iPhone app on your iPad. By clicking on the x2 button you got it in full screen. It doesn’t work as well as it should…so you should just stick with the optimized Symbaloo version on your browser.

Instead of an app we refer you to our tablet optimized version. You can use it by going to your favorite tablet browser (your choice!), enter www.symbaloo.com or edu.symbaloo.com and you get it automatically.

Tip: Turn on the link as an app icon on your home screen of your iPad! Then click “add to home screen” and you start Safari with Symbaloo right away. This includes all functionalities of Symbaloo!

☞ More info in Symbaloo mobile
Go to mobile.symbaloo.com to find our more about our mobile apps.


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