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Symbaloo's Latest Updates


Webmix Tabs

Webmix tabs have moved to the top of the page, alongside the Symbaloo logo – and settings now appear directly above Webmixes.

The header also shows more transparency, blending seamlessly with the sidebar and showing the full beauty of the wallpapers behind it.

Symbaloo Webmix Tabs 2021


Tile Search

Symbaloo’s Tile Search tool has been significantly improved in recent months – and thousands of new tiles have been added or updated!

Head over to and click on any empty tile to start your search. Try entering keywords like ‘education’, ‘shopping,’ or ‘travel’ to find new websites that match!


Webmix Library

Updates to the Webmix Library (formerly the ‘Webmix Gallery’) have improved the quality of search results, making it easier to find the content you are looking for. Search for any subject, grade level, or topic and see Webmixes that have been publicly shared by other Symbaloo users!


Profile Avatars

Users can now create their own unique avatar for their Symbaloo profile.

Navigate to your profile settings on Symbaloo to try it out!

Symbaloo Profile Avatars Update, July 2021

Webspace Dashboard

(PRO Feature)

Webspace Dashboard (PRO)

The new Webspace Dashboard acts as an administrator’s hub for your Webspace. Manage your subscription, view usage metrics, or customize your Webspace – all in one place!

Don’t have your own Webspace yet? Create one now for free!

Child-Safe Mode

(PRO Feature)

Child-Safe Mode (PRO)

Turn this setting ON if your Webspace is used by children under the age of 13. It will disable certain features on your Webspace to ensure compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).


  • Ads on Free Symbaloo Webspaces will be COPPA-compliant
  • New Symbaloo Account Creation disabled
  • Symbaloo Account Login disabled
  • Webspace Switcher (Sidebar) disabled