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Fill your mind with new talents!

Do you like to learn new things? Usually summer is filled with family game nights and fun in the sun, but why not learn a new language or how to play chess this summer.

The Top Tiles features this week highlight different programs that offer personalized learning features to mind-opening opportunities.

Duolingo: Learning another language can be hard and frustrating. Duolingo has become a very popular way to learn new languages with lessons tailored to each person individually! You can set goals, earn points, challenge friends, and see your own progress.

Chessacademy: Have you ever wanted to learn how to play chess like a pro? With Chessacademy, learn how to play chess like an expert using games, puzzles, and other courses. Follow a guided path to improvement, one step at a time. All chess courses are free!

Unplug the TV: Instead of watching mindless TV shows, watch something eye-opening and educational. Unplug the TV has hundreds of educational videos to help you gain a new perspective.

Pianu: The Guitar Hero for piano! Learn how to play piano in a gaming-style way. All you need is an active keyboard connected to your computer, and then you’re good to go. “Pianu features a premium Academy of interactive lessons, teaching you how to read music and play chords.”

Khan Academy: A non-profit educational organization where you can learn anything for free. Learn for free about math, science, history, etc. with adaptive technology and personalized resources. With over 100,000 interactive exercises, work on different skills at your own pace with Khan Academy’s free online courses.

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