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Team Symbaloo takes no summer break!

The development team at Symbaloo has been hard at work enhancing the Learning Paths user experience for both teachers and students. It is now easier and faster to create your pathways in the editor, and the assignment viewer is more interactive than ever before! We know our users will absolutely love interacting with the new features in our updated Learning Paths environment. Let’s take a look at what is new in our Learning Paths update!

Learning Path themes now automatically set themselves!

In the past, when creating a Learning Path, you would have to set your own theme after selecting your subject. With the new update, the path editor will automatically do the work for you and set a wallpaper related to your topic! How much more efficient can you get? Take a look below!

Learning Paths Editor

Reward your students with points!

As a teacher, you can now reward your students with points for answering questions correctly by adding incentives or rewards to questions in a Learning Path. One of the many benefits of Symbaloo Learning Paths is that all of the grading is done automatically through the system. All results are viewable through our built in analytics tool.

Assignment Viewer

Disable re-attempting a question and provide the correct answer

In the new Learning Paths update, teachers now have more options to better support student learning with the addition of two new features:

  • Allowing a student to re-attempt a question
  • Providing an explanation along with the correct answer.

When creating a question in the tile editor, you’ll see the option to add an explanation along with a hint. Once you’ve assigned and started tracking the Learning Path, two new buttons are available in the options menu where you can enable or disable these new features. Check it out!

The new Learning Paths viewer app is now available for Android and iOS!

You can now download our Learning Paths viewer app in the Google Play Store and App Store!

Curious to find out more?

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