Lesson Plan of the Week: Symbaloo Through The Years

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Lesson Plan of the Week: Symbaloo Through The Years
Symbaloo Lesson Plan Creator: SymbalooEDU

This week’s featured lesson plan was created by Symbaloo, about Symbaloo. As you may know, Symbaloo turned 9 and reached 10 million users! Over the past few weeks, our users guessed the exact date when Symbaloo would reach 10 million followers.

Ever wonder how Symbaloo started? This lesson plan will take you through the history of Symbaloo, including where it all began and our plans for the future. There are a couple trivia questions to test your Symbaloo knowledge.

At the end of the lesson plan, find out who the winner is. Did you guess the correct date that Symbaloo would reach 10 million users? Check out it out!




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