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This week we have added three new features to Symbaloo Lesson Plans:

You now have the freedom to insert content to your Lesson Plan at a later time.

Many users have given feedback asking to be able to insert tiles into their Lesson Plans at a later time. To truly solve the task is technically very difficult, however, we have temporarily tackled the issue by giving you the ability to create empty paths without content. This feature allows you to add tiles to your Pathway if you later decide, without having to delete previously created tiles.

By clicking within the tile outside of the plus sign, you can now create an empty path between tiles, allowing you to return to add tiles at a later time.

You can now upload your own image

You can now add your own thumbnail image to a Lesson Plan, allowing you to make it look more appealing in the marketplace. For example, see the “Machu Picchu” thumbnail below compared to the “What is energy” thumbnail.

These images also serve as backgrounds or wallpapers for your Lesson Plans when assigned to your students. You can use the new “360 View” feature as well as a panoramic photograph. Your students background will move slowly behind the Pathway in a very cool way, for example: to show the skyline of a city as they work through the assigment.

Add hints to your questions

You are now able to add hints for your students when they are working on a question. If a student finds a question difficult, they can now click the hint button to receive a little help, allowing them to continue along the Pathway.

In the future, we would like students to earn extra points when they reduce the use of hints during a Lesson Plan.

Curious to find out more?

Make sure to keep up with our blog to stay informed on any new exciting updates and news regarding our platform! By the time the new school year rolls in, we will have made several updates to our Symbaloo Lesson Plans, so make sure to keep an eye out!

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