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Keep organized in the workplace!

We all know work can get a little hectic at times, but staying organized can help with the chaos. It is proven that an organized office leads to higher productivity at work.

This week we are sharing our favorite tiles when it comes to staying organized and on-track in the workplace. Of course our all-time, favorite organizing tool is Symbaloo, but check out a few others we like as well.

RescueTime: Track the time you spend on your computer and block any site that you might find distracting while online. You can punch in any activities that you specifically want to track and RescueTime will tell you how productive you are based on the statistics captured. It’s great for time sensitive work.

Doodle: Trying to schedule a meeting? You don’t ever need to go through tedious emails back and forth to figure out everyone’s available time with Doodle. Use Doodle to indicate a few potential meeting times and ask everyone else to identify when works for them within those potential time windows. Doodle makes it so much easier to schedule a meeting with a group of people!

Todoist: Simplify and organize the management of tasks and projects with Todoist. Whether you’re at work or at home, on a computer or a mobile device, you’re able to access and collaborate in real-time with others on any project. With Todoist, set reminders, review productivity, add sub-levels to projects, and so much more!

LastPass: Do you ever forget your passwords and need to always have it written on a sticky-note or your phone? Stop wasting time with resetting your passwords. “LastPass remembers your passwords so that you can focus on the more important things in life.” Let LastPass sign in to all your accounts for you, and get convenient access to your passwords from anywhere you work.

SelfControl: Avoid distracting websites with the help of a Mac app called SelfControl. This free and open-source application lets you block your own access to certain websites, mail servers, or anything else on the internet that decreases productivity. Set a period of time for SelfControl to block websites on your ‘blacklist.’ Until that time expires, you will not be able to access those sites, even if you delete the app or restart your computer.

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