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On September 1st, Symbaloo is adjusting the pricing structure after 2+ years of no change to more accurately reflect the added value for users as well as the continuous development and improvement on the platform.
Please take a look at our new pricing table below:

SymbalooEDU Premium Pricing starting at

  • Classroom
    • 1 Domain
    •  Up to 100 students
    • Classroom Package is designed for personal use in a single classroom environment.

    First 30 days are free
    Includes Basic Certification
  • District
    • 2 Domains**
    •  ≤ 250 students*
    •  Multi-level solutions allow distribution with connected, but separately managed accounts.

    First 30 days are free
    Includes Basic Certification
    *Every additional 250 students are $150 per year
    ** Every additional domain is $10 per year

    Each school receives own control panel & domain. See video demo for details.
Let’s break this down and look at some numbers:
  • The new Classroom Package will be $49 per year, with a maximum of 100 students. Note that it used to be for up to 250 students.
  • The new School Package will start at $150 per year, for up to 250 students. Note that the old School Package started for up to 500 students.
  • The new District Premium Package will start at $170 per year, for up to 250 students with 2 domains. Note that we were able to decrease the price per domain from $50 to $10 per year.
Students/Users Old pricing New pricing
≤ 100 n.a. $49
≤ 250 n.a. $150
≤ 500 $120 $300
≤ 750 $240 $450
≤ 1000 $360 $600
≤ 1250 $480 $750
≤ 1500 and so forth… and so forth…
We offer current Symbaloo Premium users three options to benefit from this price change:
A) Lock in old pricing for your next payment¹
B) Lock in old pricing for 3 years² ³
C) Upgrade to District Premium Package with old usage pricing and new domain pricing for your next subscription cycle³

¹ Subscription renewal date must be in 2016; payment request must be created by September 15 2016

² 3 year subscription will be charged in full

³ School Package/District Premium Package must be for all students in school/district

Do you want lock down your price or upgrade your package? Do you have questions or concerns? Contact us
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