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At Symbaloo we believe in supporting personalized learning to the fullest. Each individual student should have a custom learning plan that best suits their learning needs. However, we also believe in making things as easy and efficient for educators as possible.

That is why using Symbaloo Lesson Plans with a Symbaloo Premium account will help teachers to deliver individualized lesson plans in an organized and controlled environment.

Symbaloo Lesson Plans

With a Symbaloo Premium account you can have set webmixes (collection of tiles) that you can organize according to any topic or subject that you wish. The advantage to having a premium account is that you have more control over the content you wish to deliver to your students. To find out exactly how Symbaloo Premium works check out this video.

Now you can enhance your premium webmixes with custom lesson plans you create for your students. Each lesson plan has it’s own URL that you can use for the tile in your webmix. This allows you to deliver multiple lessons at one time and easily switch them out when you move on to new units or have a new class.

You can also utilize the IP settings in the admin panel of your premium account to make the content only available for your students.

Lesson Plan URL

Premium Webmix Tile

To test these features we mentioned above you can trial Symbaloo Premium free for 30 days. Sign up here.

We are still giving away free access to our newly revamped Symbaloo Certification until the end of July. The new program will be offered in a lesson plan.

If you are interested in learning more about Symbaloo as well as the Lesson Plan Creator,you can take advantage of the Symbaloo Certification by visiting and enter the promo code: SYM16LP

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