Resources for the Week

Days, Weeks & Months

Educators are using Symbaloo in so many different ways! Take a few minutes to share the resources below and teach young students about the days of the week and the months in the year.

The days, months, and years eventually reveal, like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives.

– Hoda Kotb

Learning Path of the Week

L.P. Name: Days of The Week
Creator: tracy

Want to learn more about using Symbaloo Learning Paths for your classroom or school? Click here for more info.

Webmix of the Week

Webmix Name: Calendar
Creator: Bonnie

Learn how to get the most out of your webmixes by attending a Symbaloo Webinar!

Tiles of the Week

Google Calendar
Time and Date

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Tutorial of the Week

Tutorial: Changing Account Information - 0:55 seconds

Take a minute to freshen up on existing Symbaloo knowledge or learn something new! This week: Changing Account Information, 0:55 seconds

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