Resources for the Week

Independence Day in the United States

This Thursday we celebrate Independence Day here in the United States. Take a look at the resources below to learn more about U.S. Independence Day!

The Declaration of Independence pronounced the irrevocable decree of political separation, between the United States and their people on the one part, and the British king, government, and nation on the other.

– John Quincy Adams

Learning Path of the Week

L.P. Name: US Independence and the Road to the Revolution
Creator: Tyler

Do your students know how the United States became Independent? Educate them with this Learning Path. Check it out!

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Webmix of the Week

Webmix Name: Celebrate July 4th!
Creator: Mrs. Sylvia

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Tiles of the Week

The National Museum of American History
The American Historical Association

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Tutorial of the Week

Tutorial: Symbaloo Notifications - 0:55 seconds

Take a minute to freshen up on existing Symbaloo knowledge or learn something new! This week: Symbaloo Notifications, 0:55 seconds

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