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Email is the best form of communicationĀ on the internet!

Sending emails is one of the easiest ways to communicate nowadays.Ā Email is a tremendous platform where new and innovative things have been built.

Sometimes we get too many emails or forget to follow up with someone. This week’s Top TilesĀ brings you 5 helpful tiles when it comes to emails and how to keep that mailbox organized. Clean up your email and save time. After unsubscribing from unwanted emailsĀ with just 1 click, combines all of your favorite email subscriptions into one email called a Rollup. The Rollup will arrive in your mailbox once a day at the time you choose, letting you read all of your favorite subscriptions easily at one time!

Get Notify: When you send an email, you usually don’t know if it was sent successfully and read by the recipient. Get Notify is a free email tracking service that notifies you when your email, using your existing email, has been read. No need to download software or plug-in, just send your emails normally with the assurance.

FollowupThen: Do you have an email sitting in your inbox so you don’t forget or are you emailing a forgetful responder? With FollowUpThen, you can send yourself or the recipient a reminder email. You can also send yourself contact info, links, boarding passes, etc. exactly when you need them and even set upĀ the task feature. FollowUpThen easily boosts productivity!

Dictation: With speech recognition, write emails, essays, and long documents without touching the keyboard. Dictation saves all the transcribed text automatically on your browser, so you can close the browserĀ and finish later! English isn’t the only language you can speak in, click on the link to find out what other languages you can use Dictation with.

10 Minute Mail: Need to verify your account, but don’t want to provide your real email? With 10 Minute Mail, an email is generated and lasts only 10 minutes, giving you time to sign up for a siteĀ and verify your email without getting spam emails. Sign up for a disposable and free email!

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