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Exercise your imagination & get creative!

Creativity is found in almost everything that we do; from video editing to adding text to a picture to giving your presentations more life. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

If you’re looking to get those creative juices flowing, then we have the perfect tiles for you this week! Below you’ll find five #TopTiles to spark your creativity in subjects like photography and presentations.

buncee: Looking to share a fun greeting card, stories, and new finds in a creative and unique way? buncee combines multiple online tools to make it easy for individuals to create and share interactive media creations.

EDpuzzle: Whether you’re a teacher or student, EDpuzzle allows users to choose a video from YouTube or upload their own and customize it by cropping, editing, recording audio, and adding questions to the video to create an engaging presentation.

Pixlr: As an online photo editor, Pixlr provides full control over your images, including layers and effects, brush tools, sharing options, etc. The cloud-based set of tools and utilities was originally intended for non-professionals, but offers apps ranging from simple to advanced depending on your preference.

Prezi: Presentations are used so frequently, but are often plain and boring. Prezi is an alternative to the classic slide making program. It can be used by teachers or students to collaborate on a presentation or individually to show their unique learning styles.

Canva: Easily create designs such as social media graphics, menus, business cards, presentations, and so much more with Canva’s beautiful layouts. Canva offers millions of images, photo filters, hundreds of fonts, and even icons to enhance your creative ability.

For more resources on creativity, please add our creative tools webmix to your account. If you have other great suggestions that we are missing out on, comment below or contact us on social media.

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