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Have you downloaded the Symbaloo app? Symbaloo is available for regular and edu free accounts as an app in the app store for Apple, Android and Chromebooks! Some users experience trouble logging in, so check out this #ThursdayDidYouKnow to learn great troubleshooting tips.

When you first open the app it will look like this. Press the log in button on the left if you have already created an account that you want to log in with. If you do not have an account yet, press the register button on the right hand side.

If your login is unsuccessful, the login credential boxes will be highlighted red like this:

If you know that your username and password are correct, try restarting the app. This will fix most of the problems.

However, here are some other options for those who are still having trouble after restarting the app:

  •  Delete the app and download it again.
  • Request to change your password online and log in with the new password
  • Change your email address
    • If your email address has a special character (ü, Ʃ, ç, etc.) the app will not recognize it

    As always, if you have tried all of these options and you are still unable to log in, please contact support.

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