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With 10 million users worldwide, Symbaloo’s success continues to grow. In 2010, we launched SymbalooEDU. Now, hundreds of thousands of teachers and students use the free version of SymbalooEDU in their classroom. More than 3,000 schools have subscribed to SymbalooEDU Premium.

Soon you will be able to utilize a completely new and innovative Symbaloo product for education. Keep reading and sign up below to become a Symbaloo Lesson Plan beta tester! (The beta test is expected to go live this November or December.)

Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Symbaloo’s development team has been working behind the scenes on this new product for almost a year now. It is based on Symbaloo’s philosophy: easy, visual and personal. We call it ‘Symbaloo Lesson Plans’.

On this platform, educators are able to create their own lesson plans. They will still need to come up with the material, but online educational resources – videos, articles, quizzes, educational games – can be easily added via the Lesson Plan Builder.

Students will access and use the Symbaloo Lesson Plans in a gaming-style environment.

The learning path for students can include byways and┬ádifferent routes. Each tile will open embedded content – so within the same tab in your browser.

The goal of Symbaloo Lesson Plans is to enable teachers to give every student an individualized lesson plan based on their skills, knowledge and preferred learning methods. Creating fun and motivation for everyone involved.

The start for students. This is the introduction to the lesson plan and goes over the objectives.

Lot’s of potential for the future

With the product soon going live, this is what we envision:

  • A huge database filled with beautiful lesson plans
  • Students study & learn at their own pace, using their preferred learning methods and resources
  • Teaching resources are more up to date, more fun and inexpensive
  • Education will depend less on publishers

Easy, measurable & fun!

Create a gaming-style lesson plan using the best educational resources. Built-in analytics tools gather insightful data and improve learning outcomes while students enjoy an engaging learning environment.

Create your own lesson plans with custom paths

With the drag & drop editor, you can easily create a lesson plan. Simply add videos, documents, quizzes and educational games that guide students through custom learning paths from start to finish.

Benefit from the marketplace & analytics

Save time by using shared lesson plans available for any topic, standard or grade level. The built-in grading tool helps students and teachers evaluate and archive results from multiple lesson plans.