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Did you know that you change your region preferences to start searching from your center widget in your region of the globe? Or that you can change your email address and password that your account is linked to? Or maybe you want to connect your Symbaloo account to your Facebook and Twitter? All of these tasks can be accomplished in your account settings.

On your Symbaloo page, you will see a figure head in the top right hand corner of your screen. By clicking on that you will be taken to your account settings.

Is your Symbaloo account linked to an email address you don’t use anymore? Would you like to change your password to keep your account secure? At the top of the page you will see that you have the option to change your name, email address, and password at any time. Changing your email address and password will change your login credentials, so make sure to store your new email and password in a safe location for reference if you forget the change.

Are you living in Australia but always receive American search results when you search from your Symbaloo center widget? No matter what your language setting is you can always change your region to fit your needs.

Would you like to share your webmixes with your friends and followers? Press the Connect button for either and you will see a pop up where you can allow Symbaloo to connect.

Once you have your Facebook and Twitter connected to your Symbaloo account, go like us or follow us to see what other people are saying about Symbaloo.

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