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Start small, but think big!

It’s a new year, which means it’s a better time than ever to get your finances in check! Don’t have the time for an expertise or the money to buy an extensive planning program? Don’t worry, because these websites are sure to help.

Below you’ll find tiles for money management, receipt saving, and financial planning. Check out this week’s Top Tiles for managing finances and planning for future expenses.

Mint: One of the most highly-regarded and popular online personal softwares. Mint is targeted for people who are just beginning to think about money managementĀ and getting a grip on their finances. With Mint, you are able to register with your bank account, credit card, and investment account information. Mint will organize your spending into categories, in easy-to-understand charts, send you professional advice and encouragement, as well as money saving reminders.

MoneyStream: Using a different platform than Mint, MoneyStream’s technology platform tracks your financial information. MoneyStream detects your bills, organizes payments on a calendar to see what is coming up, and projects your spending for the month based on bills and income. MoneyStream will also alert you if there is anything unusual, such as if your bill has increased from the prior months.

Shoeboxed: Organize receipts by digitizing and archiving them in a single, secure location organized by category by simply taking a picture on-the-go. Shoeboxed also allows you to turn business cards into an online contact list that you can connect to your email or CRM. If you’d prefer, you can stuff a pre-paid envelope with all receipts and business cards, send it on it’s way, and they will be transformed into digital data.

Buxfer: Buxfer allows you track your transactions, tag them in flexible categories, and understand your spending through visual tools. Unlike Mint and MoneyStream, Buxfer allows you to uploadĀ transactions from other software, such as Excel, MS Money, Quicken. This feature helps you save time, while you save money!

Personal Capital: Personal Capital is more focused on the investmentĀ side of personal finance, such as retirement, asset allocation, and taxes. If your net worth is from $100,000 to 2 million, then this site may be very helpful for planning. Personal Capital offers features like a 401(k) fee analyzer, investment checkups, and asset allocation target.

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