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Did you know you can troubleshoot many problems yourself? And if not, Symbaloo is there to help? Here you can find out how:

Here are steps you can take if Symbaloo or parts of it are not working correctly in your browser:

– update browser to latest version
– do a hard refresh on your browser (Mac: Command+Shift+R ; PC: Control+F5)
– enable Java Script
– clear cookies and cache
– remove pop-up blocker
– try disabling plug-ins while using Symbaloo to see if any of them have affected the way Symbaloo functions (sometimes certain plug-ins conflict with the way Symbaloo operates)
– try Symbaloo in a different browser (to see if issue is browser related)

Easy solutions to common problems:

1. Symbaloo functions suddenly not working correctly or no longer accessible? You can try to reset your browser: PC: Control+F5; Mac: Command+Shift+R. This forces the browser to reset, which often solves the problem.

2. Do you have to log in constantly?
3. Did your tiles or a webmix disappear? (First, check if you are logged in!):
4. Forgot password?

To look through the Symbaloo Knowledge Base or send an email to our Support Team, click on the ‘Help’ link in the footer of your Symbaloo page:

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