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Every Wednesday at 3pm, Symbaloo has educators from all over host Twitter chats to discuss the latest in education. Everyone is welcome to participate in the chat by tweeting with the same hashtag (#symchat) at a scheduled hour. It is imperative that you use the hashtag (#symchat) or else your comments will not be seen in the discussion by other participants.

In past #symchats, we have had teachers, technology specialists, and even students participate by sharing their thoughts on the topic of discussion. We archive all of our #symchat topics on our blog, so you can always revisit to see what the discussions were here. Past topics that we have discussed have included: “How do schools/districts give teachers time to play with new education technology?”, “Increase student participation using forums”, and“Blended learning”.

#symchat is a great way to collaborate with educators around the country, and the more people that participate the better the discussion! Check it out tomorrow at 3pm, by following the chat on Twitter here.

We work with Kyle Calderwoodon, who has a Twitter mentor program that he combines with his free Tweachme app. You can check out more about this at his website here. We also have a tile for his website that you can add to your webmix: http://bit.ly/S6gUOh

And check out this tutorial on how to use TweetDeck. It may become your new favorite way to use social media:

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