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Introducing the Newly Revamped Symbaloo and Symbaloo PRO!

Here at Symbaloo, our development team has been hard at work redesigning the platform all of you avid Symbaloo-ers love to use! Not only has the team given our platform a new face-lift, they have also added new features to enhance your Symbaloo user experience. From our regular Symbaloo platform, to the new Symbaloo PRO, all the way down to our PD Certification, all have received new looks and features that we know you’re absolutely going to love! So dive into what’s new with Symbaloo!

Redesigned Symbaloo and Symbaloo PRO Dashboards!

The Symbaloo platform and Symbaloo PRO dashboard have been redesigned to give off a more modern and sleek look. The sidebars, along with the headers above the webmixes, have both been given fresh new faces. Take a look at the images below!

Symbaloo has just become responsive. Responsive means that a site adjusts the elements to the dimensions of your screen. The advantage is that you have to scroll less, and elements are more visible.


Symbaloo Dashboard

Symbaloo PRO Dashboard

Updated Symbaloo PRO Solutions

Symbaloo PRO packs a powerful punch in your school or business. The newly redesigned Symbaloo PRO options screen¬†provides¬†brief information about the 3-tiered education solutions. Whether you’re a teacher or a member of the school district, the selection page offers the information you need to get started with a PRO account. Each solution is packed¬†with¬†different features that assist¬†teachers across all areas of education. With Symbaloo PRO, you are able to¬†curate and distribute your content with ease from the district level, down to the teacher level, all depending on the tier you select. Let’s not forget, we offer a 30-Day free trial if you ever want to try out Symbaloo PRO!


Completely New PD Certification!

Our PD Certification has long since needed a fresh new face. The time has finally come! With a complete redesign and the addition of new features, our PD Certification now has a truly renewed, interactive¬†learning process that will engage anyone looking to get Certified! Though we are truly excited about the new face of our PD Certification, don’t forget about the perks that come with it. So what are you waiting for? Go get your PD Certification on!


No More Deleting Your Webmixes by Accident!

Finally, a feature that’ll help you avoid accidentally deleting those¬†webmixes! With the¬†new Symbaloo update, you will now be prompted in a second message to type “Delete” every single time you try to remove a webmix! Drag the webmix to the remove bar at the top and it’ll ask you to delete. As soon as you click the first delete button, a second message will ask for you to type in “Delete” as a second warning that you will be removing that webmix for good. Say goodbye to accidental deleting!


Curious to find out more?

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