38 Coding Websites for Kids in 2021

If you haven’t noticed, many of the most impactful innovations of the 21st century have been – and will continue to be – digital. In the foreground there are apps, social media platforms, or multiplayer games that are serving millions (or even billions) of users. In the background, there is artificial intelligence, machine learning, and databases that are equally important.

Understanding how to teach coding and computer science to the next generation of students has become an essential part of education; and now, more than ever, the workforce of tomorrow will need to be skilled in areas like web development, software engineering, robotics, and data science.

A number of effective edtech tools and platforms have emerged to support these young learners. Continue reading below to see our list of the best coding websites for kids, teens, and students of all ages. To save them for later reference, add them on Symbaloo or follow the Education Webspace!

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Best Coding for Kids Resources

Scratch - Coding for Kids


Scratch is a popular, free programming language and online community where students can create their own stories, games, and animations. It was designed for ages 8 to 16, but can be used for all ages.

ScratchJr - Coding for Kids


ScratchJr helps to introduce coding and programming to younger children, aged 5-7. Students can create their own stories and games and, in the process, learn to solve problems and express themselves creatively.

Blockly Games - Coding for Kids

Blockly Games

Blockly Games includes a series of educational games to teach programming. It is designed for children who have not had any prior experience with computer programming and helps to set a foundation for future learning.

Tynker - Coding for Kids


Tynker is an online learning platform to help teach programming, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to ages 5-18. It has award-winning courses, coding challenges, and learning modules for students at any level.

CodeCombat - Coding for Kids


CodeCombat features fun, engaging coding games to teach Python, JavaScript, and HTML. It includes a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on computer science, game development and web development for students.

CodeMonkey - Coding for Kids


CodeMonkey features award-winning coding courses that were built for kids with no prior experience. Introduce programming to the next generation through this fun, game-based environment.

mBlock - Coding for Kids


mBlock is a one-stop coding platform for beginners that focuses on STEAM education and computer science. Students can learn to code with block-based coding or Python.

CodinGame - Coding for Kids


CodinGame is a challenge-based coding platform where students can improve their skills and have fun. It supports over 25 languages and is a great place for intermediate-level programmers to learn and practice.

codeSpark Academy - Coding for Kids

codeSpark Academy

codeSpark Academy, designed for kids aged 5-9, is a widely-used program that teaches the ABCs of coding. It includes fun games and challenges that help build skills related to problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Codemoji - Coding for Kids


Codemoji offers a unique adaptive learning platform with computer science curriculum for grades 1-8. Students learn the basics of coding and web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

CodaKid - Coding for Kids


CodaKid has online courses, camps, and private lessons to help teach coding to kids. Their classes cover a wide range of programming languages where students can learn about game development and web development.

Code for Life - Coding for Kids

Code for Life

Code for Life is a non-profit platform that provides free educational resources to help teach the next generation of computer scientists. Their coding game, Rapid Router, is aligned to the UK computing curriculum for ages 5-14.


Best Typing & Keyboarding Websites

Typing.com - Best Typing Websites


Typing.com offers engaging lessons and games to help K-12 students build and improve their keyboarding skills. It also includes robust reporting and tools to help educators build lessons and track progress.

TypingClub - Best Typing Websites


TypingClub is a web-based, highly effective way for students to learn touch typing. The platform features free typing courses and over 650 engaging typing games, tests, and videos.

TypeTastic! - Best Typing Websites


TypeTastic! has 700+ free typing activities for all grade levels. Their ad-free School Edition also includes a complete K-12 curriculum, easy rostering, and the ability to track student’ progress along the way.

TypeRacer - Best Typing Websites


TypeRacer is a an online multiplayer game that allows students to test their typing speed against others. The site is less developed than some of its counterparts on our list, but competing against others can always be fun.

EduTyping - Best Typing Websites


EduTyping is a web-based software for teaching keyboarding to students. The site includes two programs, EduTyping, Jr. for elementary and EduTyping Secondary for middle and high school curriculum.

KidzType - Best Typing Websites


KidzType has fun, interactive games to help kids learn how to type; including their most popular game Dance Mat Typing. The website is free to use, with no registration required.

Typing Pal - Best Typing Websites

Typing Pal

Typing Pal offers a simple, efficient web-based program to teach beginners and intermediates how to touch type at full speed. The site includes typing games and hundreds of activities to help students learn.

Nitro Type - Best Typing Websites

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a real-time typing competition game to help improve typing speed. Students can compete with friends, classmates, and others around the world. Teachers can also track student activity and manage progress for free.


Best Game & App Building Websites

Kodable - Game & App Building Websites


Kodable provides easy-to-follow lessons, tutorials, and gamified practice to help K-5 students build their first programs. Kids learn core programming concepts and progress to learning JavaScript and Swift.

MIT App Inventor - Game & App Building Websites

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor allows programming beginners to create fully functional apps for Android and iOS. The simple, blocks-based interface empowers students to move from technology consumption to technology creation.

Gameblox - Game & App Building Websites


Gameblox is a free, online game editor that uses blocks-based programming to empower anyone to make games. Created games can be played in a web browser or on a mobile device.

Stencyl - Game & App Building Websites


Stencyl is a free video game development tool that allows users to create amazing games without code. With Stencyl, students can create games for computers, mobile devices, and the web.

Alice - Game & App Building Websites


Alice is an innovative, block-based programming environment that helps students create animations, build interactive stories, or program simple games. It provides supplemental tools and materials for teaching all ages.

Elementari - Game & App Building Websites


Elementari is a K-12 online platform where students can write, code, and share interactive books using professional illustrations and sounds. Students can engineer their own, engaging build-your-own-adventure stories.


Best Coding Platforms for Teens

Code.org - Coding for Teens


Code.org is a popular non-profit organization and website that aims to encourage all students to learn computer science. It features free coding courses, tutorials, and activities for K-12 students.

Code Avengers - Coding for Teens

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a fun and effective way for K-12 students to learn how to code websites, apps, games, and more. The curriculum includes instruction on Python, JavaScript, web development, design, and more.

CodeWizardsHQ - Coding for Teens


CodeWizardsHQ delivers live, online coding classes for kids aged 8-18. The company specializes in virtual learning instruction with engaging, structured curriculum to serve students at different levels.

CodeHS - Coding for Teens


CodeHS is an interactive online learning platform offering computer science and programming instruction to grades 6-12. It features over 60 free curriculum-aligned courses across 10+ languages.

Vidcode - Coding for Teens


Vidcode is a creative coding platform developed specifically for teens. It offers research-backed and standards-aligned computer science courses to improve student outcomes across a wide range of CS subjects.

Glitch - Coding for Teens


Glitch is a collaborative programming environment and community that provides simple, yet powerful tools to create web apps. The site allows students to build fast, full-stack apps within a web browser.

Pluralsight - Coding for Teens


Pluralsight offers a wide range of video-based training courses where students can learn development skills from industry professionals. Courses are available for any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

CodeWars - Coding for Teens


Codewars is an educational community where developers can sharpen skills and achieve mastery through challenge. The platform offers instruction and exercises for over 25 different coding languages.


Best Online Coding Courses & Platforms

Codecademy - Online Coding Courses


Codecademy is an interactive coding platform where students can learn web development, computer science, programming, and data science. The popular platform has already educated over 50 million people!

BitDegree - Online Coding Courses


BitDegree is a programming-focused eLearning platform with resources to improve web development and digital skills. Use BitDegree to discover coding languages and see reviews of other popular courses.

freeCodeCamp - Online Coding Courses


freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people learn to code for free. The site features thousands of web development tutorials and an engaged community to help learners at all levels.

SoloLearn - Online Coding Courses


SoloLearn is another popular platform where students can learn to code for free. Courses include interactive lessons, peer support, and on-the-go practice that is available on any device.

The Odin Project - Online Coding Courses

The Odin Project

The Odin Project offers a free, full stack curriculum that is supported by a friendly community of beginner and expert developers. It includes regularly updated online courses, tutorials, and blogs to supplement learning.

Khan Academy - Online Learning Platforms

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides free courses across a multitude of subjects, including computer science and programming. Founded in 2007, it is one of the originators of online learning.

Coursera - Online Learning Platforms


Coursera offers free and paid online courses, certifications, and real university degrees for a variety of subjects. Courses are taught by instructors from world-class universities and companies.

edX - Online Learning Platforms


edX offers over 3,000 university-level courses from over 160 leading institutions. The platform has popular courses in computer science, data science, engineering, and a wide range of other subjects.

hackr.io - Online Learning Platforms


Hackr.io is an online community that helps learners identify the best online courses to fit their needs. Search by subject and then filter by cost, experience level, sub-categories, and even teaching mediums.

FutureLearn - Online Learning Platforms


FutureLearn is a UK-based learning platform with over 1,000 online courses and degrees from top universities and organizations. Use FutureLearn to develop hobbies, new skills, and gain career-changing expertise.

Udemy - Online Learning Platforms


Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 130,000 courses to choose from. Categories include a wide array of web development, programming, and data science options for students of all ages.

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