25+ Best Science Websites for Students in 2021

In this post, we have compiled some of the best science websites for students in 2021. Use this list to find educational science resources or informative, educational video content for any age or grade level. Many of the tools and platforms can also be used to reach students in virtual learning and hybrid learning environments.

Keep reading below to see our list of the best science websites and resources, organized by category. If you would like to save these resources, add the webmix on Symbaloo or follow our Education Webspace to access everything in one place!

If you are searching for even more great edtech tools, Symbaloo has compiled lists to help teachers identify the best resources for virtual learning, ELA, coding, social and emotional learning, math, and social studies to assist students in schools, 1:1 classrooms, or remote learning environments this year. There’s even a list of the best education podcasts for teachers!

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Science Games for Students

BrainPOP Science - Science Games

BrainPOP Science

BrainPOP Science has many helpful resources for teaching science, including videos, worksheets, and games to assess learning. The site covers a wide range of science topics like nature, space, cellular life, and much more.

PBS KIDS Science - Science Games

PBS KIDS Science

PBS KIDS Science has over 100 science-related games to help your students learn about different concepts. Games feature many familiar characters from children’s books and television.



ABCya! is a leader in free educational games for Pre-K through 6th grade students. Their science-focused games can help students learn about matter, space, the skeletal system, and more!


Interactive Science for Virtual Learning

Mystery Science Tile - Interactive Science Websites

Mystery Science

Mystery Science features standards-aligned science curriculum for K-5 students. Their engaging “open-and-go” lessons inspire kids to love science and also mean less prep time for educators.

Brilliant Tile - Interactive Science Websites


Brilliant features online STEM courses and interactive lessons for ages 10+. It helps students develop quantitative and problem-solving skills that focus on achieving mastery, not memorization.

PhET Tile - Interactive Science Websites


PhET offers free interactive science simulations, based on extensive research at the University of Colorado Boulder. Students learn in a game-like environment through exploration and discovery.

OK Go Sandbox Tile - Interactive Science Websites

OK Go Sandbox

OK Go Sandbox provides education resources based on the band’s famous music videos. Explore different lessons and encourage students to have fun learning about topics like physics, chain reactions, and optical illusions!


Science Information Tools for Virtual Learning

HowStuffWorks Science Tile - Science Information

HowStuffWorks Science

HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics through articles, videos, and illustrations. Filter through different subjects like environmental, physical, life sciences and more.

Exploratorium Tile - Science Information Websites


The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and technology in San Francisco. Their website includes educational resources, professional development programs, and loads of great information for teaching science.

Bill Nye Tile - Science Information Websites

Bill Nye

The official website for Bill Nye The Science Guy includes books, shows, episode guides, and science demos to do at home! Explore with the popular scientist that has been educating kids for decades.


Science for Kids Tools for Virtual Learning

Nat Geo Kids Tile - Science for Kids

National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic Kids website has games, videos, and other resources to teach younger students about science. It includes information about nature, animals, the environment, and many other topics for ages 6+.

Discovery Mindblown Tile - Science for Kids

Discovery Mindblown

Discovery Mindblown includes science entertainment and education for younger students. Kids can watch cool, informational #MINDBLOWN Blast videos or play educational games from this Discovery Channel website.

NASA Climate Kids Tile - Science for Kids

NASA Climate Kids

NASA Climate Kids features games, activities, videos, and kid-friendly articles to help educate students about the earth! The site answers many important questions related to the atmosphere and climate.


Science Resources for Kids

Lawrence Hall of Science Tile - Science Resources

The Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science is a museum by the University of California, Berkeley. Their website features engaging activities, livestreams, and other science resources for students.

Koantum Tile - Science Resources for Kids


Koantum is an interactive science platform for early learners and K-5 students. The curriculum makes it easy for teachers to create engaging and fully interactive science lessons!

Tinybop Schools Tile - Science Resources for Kids

Tinybop Schools

Tinybop Schools emphasizes STEM learning for K-6 elementary students. It has curriculum-aligned content and supporting materials to teach about physical, life, and earth sciences.


Science Resources & Libraries for Kids

Project Noah Tile - Science Resources & Libraries

Project Noah

Project Noah is a community of nature enthusiasts and citizen scientists that document all types of wildlife. Find photography, nature videos, illustrated lesson plans, and outdoor learning activities to share with students.

Zooniverse Tile - Science Resources & Libraries


Zooniverse is a powerful platform for people-powered research. Volunteers (and students!) can participate and contribute in over 50 active projects, in a community led by hundreds of researchers.

Wonderville Tile - Science Resources & Libraries


Wonderville includes curriculum-aligned STEM content to make learning fun for all students. The blended learning platform has engaging and interactive content that is used in over 170 countries!

Gizmos Tile - Science Resources & Libraries


Gizmos by ExploreLearning is the world’s largest library of math and science simulations (for grades 3-12). Standards-aligned resources help students to gain a deeper understanding of life and the world around them.

Annenberg Learner Tile - Science Resources & Libraries

Annenberg Learner

Annenberg Learner is a great place to find multimedia resources and teacher professional development for K-12 classroom instruction. Resources span across many different subjects, including science and STEM.

CK-12 Tile - Education Resources & Websites


CK-12 offers free online textbooks, adaptive practice, and standards-aligned lessons for students. Science learning on the site includes earth, life, and physical sciences as well as more advanced topics like physics and chemistry.


Science YouTube Channels for Students

SciShow Kids - YouTube Science Channel

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids has hundreds of child-friendly science videos that explore the topics that make us ask “Why?”. The popular channel helps teach kids about humans, animals, the environment, and much more!

Crash Courde Kids - YouTube Science Channel

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids has around 100 educational videos about grade school science, engineering and space. The channel is not actively uploading new content anymore, but there is still a ton of great content for kids.

Science Max - YouTube Science Channel

Science Max

Science Max is an awesome, experiments-based channel with kid-friendly content. It includes experiments that can be done at home, ‘build it yourself’ videos, and full episodes with hours of fun and entertainment.

Kids Science - YouTube Science Channel

Kids Science

Kids Science features videos with fun science experiments, cool facts, do it yourself projects, and more. Many of their well-produced and informative videos are also hosted by kids themselves!

Minute Earth - YouTube Science Channel


MinuteEarth shares fun, animated explainer videos about our planet. Their content answers many interesting questions and spans across different subjects, including human behavior, science, and technology.

LAB 360 - YouTube Science Channel

LAB 360

LAB 360 posts authentic science demonstrations and experiments for people of all ages. Their fun, simple science experiments can be done at home and provide hours of fun for learners.

MakeMeGenius - YouTube Science Channel


The MakeMeGenius channel has been active for over ten years providing science videos across a range of topics. Kids can learn about the environment, animals, or even great personalities from history.

Mike Likes Science - YouTube Science Channel

Mike Likes Science

Mike Likes Science, formerly Coma Niddy, blends learning with music. Mike creates fun, educational music videos that are sure to entertain all viewers. Topics include space, dinosaurs, computer science, and more!

Wild Kratts - YouTube Science Channel

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts is an animated adventure comedy that teaches all about animals! Brothers Chris and Martin Kratt travel to different corners of the world to meet amazing new animals and educate you along the way.

TED-ED - YouTube Science Channel


TED-Ed is committed to creating lessons worth sharing. Their widely-popular channel shares animated videos that span a wide range of topics, including but not limited to all types of science, nature, and history.

SciShow - YouTube Science Channel


SciShow explores the unexpected and delivers new content every day! It is one of the most active channels around and features content about all types of science, including animals, marine life, nature, and more!

Mark Rober - YouTube Science Channel

Mark Rober

Mark Rober didn’t amass 18 million subscribers through luck. The former NASA and Apple engineer makes unique, entertaining videos that explore science in fun ways and garner millions of views in the process.

The Backyard Scientist - YouTube Science Channel

The Backyard Scientist

The Backyard Scientist features crazy science experiments that you should definitely NOT try at home. His videos contain explosions, molten aluminum, and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

The Spangler Effect - YouTube Science Channel

The Spangler Effect

The Spangler Effect is hosted by best selling author, educator and Emmy award- winner Steve Spangler. The channel includes experiments, demos, and science facts that are sure to amaze you or your students.

MinutePhysics - YouTube Science Channel


MinutePhysics creates whiteboard explainer videos about cool physics and other sweet science. Use their content to help gain a better understanding of physics and “how” or “why” things work the way they do.

Physics Girl - YouTube Science Channel

Physics Girl

Physics Girl Dianna Cowern adventures into the world of physical science with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. The channel also includes expert interviews and info about space and astronomy.

Veritasium - YouTube Science Channel


Veritasium is a popular channel by host Derek Muller which has grown to over 8 million subscribers! For over ten years, he has been posting videos about science, education, and an array of other interesting topics.

SmarterEveryDay - YouTube Science Channel


SmarterEveryDay explores the world using science. It includes fun experiments, explanations, how-tos, and even an interview with former President Obama. On this channel, there really is something for everyone.

The Royal Institution - YouTube Science Channel

The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution is a 200 year old independent charity based in London. Their videos are made to help you think more deeply about science, including short films, lectures, and interviews with experts.

NOVA PBS - YouTube Science Channel


NOVA is the most-watched primetime science series on television, reaching over 5 million viewers per week. Their channel features relevant and informative videos about science and the world today.

NSTA - Best Science Websites


The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) focuses on professional development for science educators. The vibrant community includes over 50,000 dedicated teachers, science supervisors, administrators, and more.

NSDL - Best Science Websites

The National Science Digital Library

The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) helps educators find information and resources for all grades and education levels. It has thousands of STEM resources curated by digital librarians and organized by subject.

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