80+ Unblocked Games

Use the Symbaloo Webmix on this page to access some of the best unblocked games available online. It includes games across multiple categories, including: puzzles, sports, action, arcade, RPG, racing, and more!

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Puzzle Games

Symbaloo tile microsoft ultimate word games

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is the ultimate collection of the three best word games for Windows: Crosswords, Wordament, and Word Twister. With multiple ways to play each game mode and Daily Challenges, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is a great way to exercise your brain and relax while having fun!

Symbaloo tile sudoku

Sudoku 30 levels

Enter numbers in the blank spaces so that each row, column, and 3×3 box contains numbers from 1 to 9 without repeating. Challenge yourself to three difficulty modes of Sudoku. Play Sudoku online. Good luck!

Symbaloo tile best link

Best Link

Connect 2 matching cards using three or fewer straight lines to clear cards, clear all match pairs to go next stage.Challenge your mind and solve the puzzles, and then you will find them easy and exciting!

Symbaloo tile microsoft solitaire collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Play Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Plus, Daily Challenges. Solitaire remains the most played computer game of all time, and for good reason. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay makes it easy to pick up for everyone.

Symbaloo tile number maze

Number Maze

Number Maze is a puzzle addictive game that you should connect numbers in path from 0 to highest number. In first steps you job is easy but when you advance you should encounter with very hard puzzles that invade your mind.

Symbaloo tile super tetris

Super Tetris

Super Tetris is a casual game where the blocks fall and must be placed in the empty spaces. Fit blocks and form an entire line to destroy lines of blocks and earn points. Accumulate combos by destroying consecutive lines and try to win with as many points as possible. This game is inspired by the acclaimed Tetris, one of the first games ever created. The graphics are colorful and beautiful and the animations are exciting. Good luck and good fun!

Symbaloo tile fours puzzle game

Fours Puzzle Game

You have to place random shapes consisting of different colored blocks inside of a rectangular field. Whenever there are four or more neighboring blocks of the same color, they will be removed and you gain back space in the gray field. Additionally, you earn point(s) for every removed block.

Symbaloo tile join blocks

Join Blocks

Join Blocks – We promise you will love this puzzle game. It will help you to train your mind and relax. If you love 2048, x2, blocks puzzles – you will love this game!

Symbaloo tile bon voyage

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is a new match-3 puzzle game. Play now & try to beat 500+ challenging levels in Paris, Egypt, Rome, and many other countries! Discover mind-blowing facts about places you visit, win trophies for your own traveler’s collection, and take pictures in every country.

Sports Games

Symbaloo tile super soccer star

Super Soccer Star 2

“Super Soccer Star 2” is a physics/puzzle game in which the objective is to score the largest amount of goals possible. Watch out for the different obstacles along the game, which will make scoring goals more difficult.Beat all 30 game levels, get the highest score possible, and become a Super Soccer star.

Symbaloo tile 2018 soccer Cup

Soccer Cup

Thirtytwo best soccer teams in the world are competing to get the first place in the Soccer Cup Do you think you can choose a team and do it.

Symbaloo tile football.io


A simple and addictive game where you collect yellow balls running among the white ones. You got to be quick! Random bonuses can give you speed, replenish lost lives, slow down or weaken enemy balls. And don’t get fooled by transparent balls!

Symbaloo tile blocky kick

Blocky Kick

Stay sharp ready steady and SHOOT! Beware those blocky defenders theyll not let you pass easily. Beat your opponents with your incredible shot! Challenge yourself to aim precisely the target and glory shall upon you.

Symbaloo tile 1 vs 1 soccer

1 vs 1 Soccer

Try to beat your rival in this 1 vs 1 soccer game!

Symbaloo tile cristiano ronaldo kicknrun

Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun

It’s time to take your skills from the turf to the tracks in this Ronaldo Kick ‘n Run game. It’s not enough that our beloved #7 has dominated the international soccer scene for a decade. No, Cristiano Ronaldo thirsts for even more glory, so he has found a way to show off his supernatural skills in a totally new challenge. Instead of a nice, freshly mowed field to stomp around on, he’s dashing and dodging his way through a crowded street! Not only do you have to worry about avoiding train cars, awnings, gates and other hazards, but you have to do it all while dribbling a ball. Normally, we would say this is impossible, but then we remember just whose feet those are laced up into those fancy shoes. We remember just how many times Ronaldo has done the impossible. That’s why this game is so crazy and realistic at the same time. We love it!

Symbaloo tile goalkeeper challenge

Goalkeeper Challenge

Goalkeeper Challenge is a HTML Soccer Game different levels of increasing difficulty to test your reflexes saving as many shots at goal as possible Its all in your hands.

Symbaloo tile tap tap shots

Tap Tap Shots

Get on fire in this hot, epic and bouncy basketball game! Try to sink your balls into the net as quickly as possible, once the timer expires it is game over. Score as many point as you can before the time runs out!

Symbaloo tile tennis masters

Tennis Masters

Become a tennis master and show all your competitor talents to beat your opponents in the game Tennis Masters. You can play against the computer, or against a friend in 2 player mode! Collect power-ups and funny transformations. Have fun!

Shooting & Tanks Games

Symbaloo tile tank battle

Tank Battle War Commander

Command your army in epic battles in this new world war It is a turn based strategy game where you are in command of tanks and other massive weapons to defend your country. Your goal is to conquer all the territories and force the enemy to retreat up to the final victory. You are the commander in chief. You must defeat the enemy that has invaded your nation and already installed its armed colony.

Symbaloo tile ank wars

Tank Wars

Tank Wars – are good old arcade tanks! In battle, gentlemen! Choose one of the 4 ways to fame, each of which is difficult in its own way, from a calm company to a fretting mincing machine. Fight at 120 polygons alone or with your best friend to win, or create your own 990 battlefields. Attack and destroy enemy armored vehicles to achieve the main goal – victory, but do not forget to defend your base in the heat of battles, its destruction leads to the failure of your entire mission.

Symbaloo tile neon battle tank

Neon tank Battle

Protect yourself and your base from the attacks of enemy tanks.

Symbaloo tile tank fury

Tank Fury

Blast as many tanks as you can with tank fury!

Symbaloo tile bullet league robogeddon

Bullet League Robogeddon

Prepare to experience beautifully brutal gunplay in its purest form with this Bullet League Robogeddon game. Your enemy? A horde of cold, calculated, unfeeling robots. Your objective? Simple – be the last man, or should we say boar, standing! This gritty contest of guts is one of the best platformer shooting games we’ve ever played. It brings all the fun of a 2D battle royale game to your device with none of the long wait times or “laggy” connection issues. All you have to do is load this up in your web browser and play! No downloads, no spectating, just action. When in doubt, just hold that trigger down and let it spray! Speaking of, let’s break down the gameplay a little bit more so you can get a sense of what’s waiting for you out there. After all, you wouldn’t want to enter this deadly battle zone unprepared, now would you?

Symbaloo tile bottle shoot

Bottle Shoot

Point and shoot as many bottles as you can! But be careful, three shots missed and you are GAME OVER!

RPG Games

Symbaloo tile heroes of myths

Heroes of Myth

Heroes of Myths sails you back to the demon hordes and demolish their temples with the strongest warriors. The Greek heroes Hercules, Perseus and Achilles will be on your side. Furthermore in Heroes of Myths you must drive back the demon hordes and destroy their temple with your warriors. The Greek heroes Hercules, Perseus and Achilles will help you. You can also choose one of three Greek gods will be your supporter Hades, Poseidon or Zeus.

Symbaloo tile clash of vikings

Clash of Vikings

The battlefield is set. It’s you versus the other viking kingdom. You have 3 minutes to defeat your enemy. Choose the right battle cards and place your heroes on the battlefield. Defeat the enemy kingdom to win the game! Use different combinations of card decks and strategies to defeat the enemy.

Symbaloo tile eternal fury

Eternal Fury

A strategic turn-based RPG in Html 5 that combines SLG action and classic interactions. Players can summon random acquisitions of different quality mercenaries and customize the base attributes of the mercenary growth system. The game with different genres perfectly combined, will definitely blow your mind!

Symbaloo tile age of war

Age of War

Battle against the other party by sending out troops of different ages.

Symbaloo tile dynamons


Train your Dynamons and win every combat in this cool RPG, the first issue of the smashing hit series.

Arcade Games

Symbaloo tile golden acres

Golden Acres

Strap on your farming boots and start a marvelous adventure now!

Symbaloo tile pineapple pen

Super Pineapple Pen

The fruits are crazy with the new song and you need to kill them Stick a pen into a fruit Tap to throw the pen and try to hit an pineapple or an apple Hit the perfect center for two times in a row and you will get a Bonus Pen. Have Fun!

Symbaloo tile cook off

Virtual Families Cook off

Fire up the grill, mix your marinades, become a chef and start your very own Cook-Off now! Manage your time to beat the dinner dash and dish out the delicious, from pizza to burgers, sushi and cupcakes and so much more!

Symbaloo tile super bubble shooter

Super Bubble Shooter

Pop 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Navigate around obstacles such as rock bubbles, glass bubbles and spikes. How many stars can you score for each level?

Symbaloo tile angry snakes

Angry Snakes

Eat others to grow longer.

Symbaloo tile tube clicker

Tube Clicker

Create and manage your own Tube channel! Use advertising tools to reach millions of views and subscribers.

Symbaloo tile fishing online

Fishing Online

Save the Fish is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game with many interesting brain teaser puzzles. Here, your mission is simplejust pull the right pin to bring the fish back to safety. Think out of the box and complete each level which comes with three stars for you to win.You will come across various obstacles and sea creatures like acid bombs, spikes, Crabs, Octopus, your main task will be to help the fish to find a way survive from these elements. The levels may seem easy but you should aim to gain all three stars to reach the next level which is more challenging and intuitive. Collect stars and unlock new characters to enjoy this fantastic aquatic world of Fishdom Online!

Symbaloo tile draw the rest

Draw the Rest

Draw The Rest is fun game which will make you feel genius and talented artist! Draw the rest of the figure, improve your drawing skills and solve the puzzle.

Symbaloo tile fidget spinna

Fidget Spinna

Build your own fidget Spinner and whirl around collecting money upgrade your fidget spinners parts to make a great and powerful fidget spinner.

Symbaloo tile drawar.io


Unleash your artistic talent and solve sketch-based puzzles together with other players in the new drawing and guessing game Drawar.io! Draw the words suggested by the app or guess what someone else is drawing, type in the answer and see if it’s correct. Chat with the rest of the users to try and figure out the mystery.

Symbaloo tile love tester

Love Tester

Test your love with Love Tester love meter game! The Love Tester is a love detector which let you test love for free.

Symbaloo tile merge cakes

Merge Cakes

Combine different cakes to get bonus and new cake recipes. Besides all this, the game keeps playing while you’re offline, so you always have rewards when you return!

Symbaloo tile indy cat

Indy Cat

Indy Cat needs your help to find the long lost ball of fate!

Symbaloo tile adam and eve

Adam and Eve Crossy River

Oh no! What have Adam and Eve gotten theirselves into this time?! Help Adam & Eve Cross the River in this brand new style adventure! Make sure they both do not drown or get bitten by giant crabs and other dangerous animals while making it safely to the other side! Test your skills and timing and try to reach the highest score.

Action Games

Symbaloo tile trampoline stickman

Trampoline Stickman

Start bouncing on the trampoline perform awesome backflips and frontflips and become the worlds number one Trampoline Stickman.

Symbaloo tile grindcraft


Grind your way through various items and worlds of Minecraft in this Grindcraft cookie clicker game.

Symbaloo tile stickman fighters

Stickman Fighters Epic Battles

You like fighting games and stickman games, then this game was made for you! Enter the arena and play as a heroic Stickman. You must fight against your opponents. You must have no mercy against them. To win you have to kill them all, but watch out because you’ll face numerous warriors!

Symbaloo tile bottle flip

Bottle Flip

Flip your bottle as many successive times as possible!

Christmas Games

Symbaloo tile santa quest

Santa Quest

Santa had an accident! He lost his way and all the gifts. Help him get to his goal by sliding road tiles to form a path. A classic puzzle game which is harder than it looks! Tons of levels in three modes to master. Test your skills and join Santa’s adventure! When you’re stuck, use a hint. Are you up for the challenge?

Symbaloo tilecandy fever

Candy Fever

Are you feeling the Christmas season already? Then get ready to feel more of it while having fun with match 3 game as you play Candy Fever. Features: Cute graphics and design. Cool Christmas-themed game. Perfect music and sound effects. The game currently has 500 fun and challenging stages. Every stage has different mission to complete.

Symbaloo tile witch alchemist

Witch Alchemist Saga

Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levels and enjoy hours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game! PLAY FOR FREE and challenge your brain now!

Symbaloo tile christmas lines

Christmas Lines

Move the Items to the blank spaces in order to create a horizontal or vertical row of 5 identical items. To move an item, tap it and then tap the blank tile. If there is any open path between the item and its destination, it would travel to the new place. Each time when you move an item and if no match happens, 3 new items will be added to the board. Don’t let the board crowded or it may fill all the places causing the end of game.

Racing Games

Symbaloo tile neon biker

Neon Biker

In Neon Biker you must perform crazy stunts while driving through the world of never ending roads Choose a vehicle perform flips and try to get as far as possible Enjoy endless levels or play seperate levels.

Symbaloo tile streetrace pursuit

Street Race Pursuit

How long can you last on the streets? Grab cash and powerups to keep one step ahead of the cops!

Symbaloo tile extreme car parking

Extreme Car Parking

Park your car as fast as possible, but be careful, you do not want any scratches on it, otherwise your level is failed!

Symbaloo tile car girl garage

Car Girl Garage

Don’t have any mechanic skills? Think again! You can do more than you think and Miriam will show you! Miriam just inherited her grandfather’s old garage. She wants to restore the place to its former glory and she hired YOU to help her out! Fix the workshop, restore an old Beetle and learn about fixing cars! This game will teach you how to: – Swap a wheel – Check your oil – Replace your car battery – Top up your coolant – Check your tire pressure – Replace your air filter And much more! Tap, swipe, drag and drop your way through the garage. Learn how to fix your car in a playful way. Together we can do this!

Symbaloo tile parking fury

Parking Fury

Park your car in this amazing Parking Fury game. Try not to hit anything or you will pay the cost! Move the vehicle and drive through the parkinglot.

Symbaloo tile rider online

Rider Online

Get ready for some flippin’ action! Perform insane stunts while you cruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grab your motorcycle and start flipping like a maniac. Collect diamonds and unlock new bikes, combos and beat the best scores.

Symbaloo tile risky trip

Risky Trip

Drive as far as you can and get many coins to buy a new car! You can accelerate and decelerate your car to pass the obstacles. So lets start and have fun!

Symbaloo tilebrainy cars

Brainy Cars

Show off your speed and strategic skills in this simple yet challenging game. Help the drivers to reach their destination by drawing a line for their path. Make sure to make the line as fast as you can. You can draw straight line or curve line. Play now and have fun!

Symbaloo tile road fury

Road Fury

Join Rass in an important mission for the Corp Fight against the Horsemen gang that rule the wasteland and defeat their boss Duke Mo The Corp doesnt have spare funds at the moment but they pay for each enemy you kill Hire drivers and upgrade your gear Road of Fury Desert Strike is the new Road of Fury and more furious than ever before!

Symbaloo tile monster truck

Monster Truck Forest Delivery

Deliver the packages as quick as possible through the bumpy forest. So not lose any package, otherwise your level is failed!

Symbaloo tile social x-trial

X-Trial Racing

XTrial games are starting today and motoracing competition is coming up next. You are one of the competitors waiting for his first title. Will it be this time or someone else will take the trophy in front of your eyes. There is no room to run second only winning matters! There is no second chance.

Symbaloo tile supra drift

Supra Drift & Stunt

Experience amazing car simulation with your favourite drift car – ‘Supra’. Roam around gorgeous night city inspired by tokyo and make the highest score possible.

Arching Games

Symbaloo tile stickman archer 3

Stickman Archer 3

The new stickman archer is better than before, Use your bow to shoot opponents as many as you can, with new 2 gameplay modes and all the stickman archer fun. As fast as possible, you have to take the enemies down before they shoot you. The bad boys will appear infinity. 2 Arrows hit your body, you will die. One arrow in the head and good bye. Earn stars and buy new skins to enjoy the fight!

Symbaloo tile the last ninja

The Last Ninja

Aim, throw and hit you opponents with mighty ninja stars before they hit you!

Symbaloo tile stickman archery

Stickman Archery

Score as many points by hitting the target with your arrows. click, hold an drag to shoot.

Symbaloo tile knife shooter

Knife Shooter

Hit the moving objects while your knife is moving too! Do you have the skills to hit them?

Symbaloo tile spear stickman

The Spear Stickman

Hit and kill your opponents with your spear before they hit you! Aim for headshots for extra points.

Symbaloo tile apple shooter

Apple Shooter

Shoot the apple but do not hit your friends head, or any other part of his body!

Symbaloo tile stickman archer

Stickman Archer 2

Destroy the Enemies with your bow before they kill You. Destroy enemies and stay alive! Drag and drop your finger for attack. Earn starts making headshots and but new upgrades for your character.

Symbaloo tile shooting at buddies

Shooting at Buddies

Shoot the fruit off of the heads of your buddies.

Running Games

Symbaloo tile run craft

Super Runcraft

Super RunCraft is a wonderful 3D Run Game, run through a long minecraft land to collect rows of golden coins, number of special items such as Hoveboard along your running lane and avoid the obstacles in your way.

Symbaloo tile pixelkenstein

Pixelkenstein Halloween

Collect halloween-themed candies to beat the levels and finish the game. Collect the candies, reach the highest score and get the highest score of the game. Candy collecting leveling game Play Pixelkenstein Halloween game.

Symbaloo tile geo dash

Geo Dash

Avoid all the obstacles by clicking at the right time. Discover the worlds of Geo Dash!

Symbaloo tile vex 5

Vex 5

An all new Vex installment, finally version 5 is there for you to play! With new levels, achievements and traps to explore, you’re bound to get vexed!

Symbaloo tile the last survivors

The Last Survivors

They are the last of us, but they are not defenseless. In this brilliant two-character puzzle game you take control of humankind’s last hopes.

Symbaloo tile battboy

Battboy Adventure

Battboy Adventure is a platform game, where the hero must overcome all the levels by dodging the thorns and eliminating the villains (killer clowns). Collect all the stars to complete the game 100%.

Symbaloo tile jungle dash mania

Jungle Dash Mania

Run away from the big forest bear. Jump above obstacles such as traps, rocks and tree stumps. Collect power ups to protect and boost yourself in this crazy jungle dash mania game.

Symbaloo tile stickman running

Stick Running

Stick Running challenges players to run as far as possible through a randomly generated sidescrolling level filled with deadly obstacles. Obstacles range from single crates with diferent design diferent floor levels powerfull missiles and rotating saw blades. Stick Running takes only a second to learn but a life to master!

Symbaloo tile space rush

Space Rush

A new game comes to the best style and with the characters of Among Us run and do not stop running through the dangerous platforms of the different levels of the game, be very careful because you could fall off the cliff or collide with different obstacles such as bombs, objects that will block your way. In Among Us Rush the objective of the game is to reach the goal of each level with the greatest number of characters but be careful it is not as easy as it seems on your way you will run into thousands of dangers, try to finish each level with a better score. On the way you can unlock different achievements with which you can improve your gaming skills or unlock many more gifts.

Symbaloo tile


Symbaloo is the perfect platform to save, organize, and share the best unblocked games. Use tiles to save your unblocked games into a grid-like structure called a “webmix”. Then, share that webmix in any number of ways to play unblocked games with your friends!

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